26 March 2017


Yeah I know I'm rather fish-obsessed lately, when really the garden seedlings need my attention... Yesterday the new fishes were active for a while after the partial wc, and then all day long they sat still. So motionless in corners, I started to think I had made a mistake with the water change or the ph had shifted from those rocks I put in from the yard. I tested all the parameters and everything is unchanged, nitrates just a little lower at 20ppm (from daily wc).
Later in the day I draped a cloth behind the tank.
Then all the fish (except that female swordtail) started acting normal- chasing each other, sparring, some even picking at the gravel and nipping a bit at plants- showing some appetite now.
Behavior response tells me that for most of them it's still just a matter of settling in and feeling safe here. After all, they've only been here four days.
I like seeing them in wispy green screen of hornwort stems.
Thought the windelov fern looked neat here.

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