30 March 2017

more seedlings

I did something with them this year haven't before. Usually I sow one or two full trays with several herbs in each- because the seedlings come up so small and I don't need too many. Now it looks like the seedlings need more space, and nourishment from rich potting soil- they were still in seed-starting mix which is really sterile. But I don't have space in my coldframe or windowsills to have lots more little individual pots. Instead I pricked out the seedlings and put them into another set of trays filled with the richer soil. They're spread out more and hopefully will grow enough to go straight out of here into the garden in a month. (Or by that time coleus, tomatoes and nasturtiums will have moved out of the coldhouse making space for more pots to go in). All these seedlings were in one tray before I split them up.
Cilantro look the best
Dill! Can't wait for some eggs and fish flavored with this
Wish I had more summer savory. Not many came up. Probably going to sow another tray of them.
Green bunching onions (the kind that come back every year- only one made it to spring in my garden plot so I started more).

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