24 March 2017


Water tests on the window tank today- zero ammonia, zero nitrites, 30ppm nitrate. Did a 20% wc anyway. Removed the duckweed (most of it, that is) and added a dozen more hornwort trimmings.
Moved capuronii cuttings to the rear- I thought if the tall stems could make a screen it would give the fish more of a backdrop feel while still letting the light in? But there's not nearly enough of it. I think it looks pretty this way, but the fishes appear uneasy.
While at it I rearranged the hornwort stems in rows, so they have an avenue to swim between them, and another behind, hoping that would give them a sense of shelter. Maybe when the stems grow up tall it could, but for several hours after I worked the fishes all stayed low, and they've been skittish the rest of the day. I'd move the plants back the way they were- the tall foliage in front corner trailing across- but I don't want to put my hands in the tank and stress them out again right now... So while it looked nice and gave the plants more light for a while without it, I put the backdrop back on.
Fabio has not been very active today, just staying near the female. She is moving less than before. My youngest asked why is that fish not swimming around? and to keep it simple (and forewarn her of a possibly sad outcome) I said "well, she's probably very old and tired." Still just trying to keep the water extra clean. Unfortunately my kids are already getting attached. My five-year-old named the lamp-eye tetras Shimmer and Shine.

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Jeane said...

Well I think most of the laying low was from fear- as soon as i returned the backdrop and the room lights were dimmer, all the fish started using most of the tank- even Splishy was swimming up to the surface. Perhaps I should keep the tank darker, longer. Maybe they are still stressed out from the move (and my interference today didn't help).