09 March 2017


I finished reworking my coldframe house. I made a new door with much sturdier frame, put in new crosspieces on the top (lintel of the door meets the doorframe now), wooden strips hammered in as ledges to hold the shelves, and a new roof support. That part was frustrating. Twice I tried to redo a peaked roof but I just couldn't get it stable. Doesn't have to do more than hold off rain and wind, but I want it to stay together when I strip and refasten plastic next time around. Finally I nailed onto the top horizontal post two short fat pieces of wood and stretched over it something a bit flexible- strips cut from discarded window blinds. Also used some of those as skirting around the base, overlapping like shingles. Gave it all a new coating of white paint.
So the construction is a little better than last year, downside is that it doesn't have as much space. The roof is shorter so I can't fit a fourth shelf on the very top level. Also the plastic sides are not so well done. I only had 3-4' scrap pieces to use, so it is on in patches. Tried to make them overlap sensibly, and I did use a lot more packing tape than last year, to seal seams up, over the staples. I think it will do a better job at keeping out drafts, and really it only has to hold together for a few months. Then will go back into storage until next spring...
First batch of seedlings is already going out there to get max light under shelter.
And my younger lot of coleus starts-
which are doing great, by the way.
A few other plants are taking the air for short stints now on the warmest days- geranium, peppers, sweet potato vine. That one is looking better since I have doused it twice in dishsoap water, but it still has a lot of peaky leaves. Looking to see if the new growth remains healthier and free of insect damage. If I find a ladybug I will bring it inside for once to eat all these aphids off my peppers, jade plant and sweet potato vine.

I'm making a temperature range chart for my seedlings, and grouping them by hardiness. So I know which ones can go out to the coldhouse early in the morning, and which have to wait until it warms up to 60° midday. It's easier if I have a separate flat for each temp group, so I don't make a mistake with them. Still don't have pepper seedlings yet- I'm warming them on the stovetop again this morning.

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