11 February 2017

bonus pics

More photos I took yesterday, while observing the aquarium.
There's a gap in the hygro thicket from a recent trim- hygro compacta on the left, the few rotala stems on the right. Anubias nana 'petite' in the background, taller anubias congensis to the right. Aponogeton crispus graceful over them all.
Bolbitis heudelotii. Sure is a slow grower. In the new position I can better watch its gradual progress...
Bucephalandra 'emerald green' still has nice, gleaming color but some of its leaves are starting to get black algae so I'm afraid I might need to move this one out, as well.
Baby green crypt has grown a few more leaves- I looked back and can't believe the last image I took of it was six months ago- and it really hasn't got that much bigger. Maybe because it's against the front edge of the glass where there is less light?
Here it is in front of the parent plant.
Closeup of eloda stems- they really are kind of delicate and pretty- semi translucent with very pale midline vein. Oops- after taking this photo notice there's a piece of dead stem stuck in there horizontally- must go in and clean out a few bits tomorrow when the light is on (hard to see in that corner without the tank lights running, when I'm doing usual trim and work).
I think my olive-colored nerite snail Dimple is dying. Found it upside down in the back of the tank, operculum seems a bit loose. But it doesn't stink yet... I put it in the front. Hasn't moved in hours.

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