16 January 2017

tenner notes

In the tenner I trimmed back my subwasser clump on the driftwood for the first time. Did it very carefully with the tiny stainless steel sewing scissors- just enough so it's not hitting the wall of the tank or encroaching on the anubias nearby. Samblu likes to swim low around the corners so now he won't feel stuck and thrash around.
Some of my windelov ferns are hitting the wall here, and getting bent leaves where they flatten against the glass. Also quite a few are extending rhizomes off the stones or logs I've grown them on, so soon I will trim them back and either start a new stone or sell the pieces...
One bit for now I've fastened to a pebble and placed on the driftwood log where there's a little ledge on the backside, just in front of the skull. I was hiding the fake skull behind the log but it looks kind of cool in dim ambient light- with the fangs looming out of the shadows under a crown of java fern greenery.
Yep, marsilea hirsuta is going to have plain, round leaves after all. New ones coming up among the 'hand' shaped ones are single-lobed.
Quite some time ago I planted rotala rotundifolia out of a packet. Most of it died but I tried to keep the few stems left in a group separate area of the tank from rotala indica, so I could tell them apart.
Now the group of five or six stems I have of rotundifolia has grown to a decent height. This first pic is the rotundifolia, the second pic is of a rotala indica stem. They look almost exactly alike to me.
I took a picture of the flame moss cushion almost two weeks since the trim. Can't quite tell if it has grown in thicker, but it is definitely growing faster than I expected.
Mirror shot: if the glass were a bit cleaner, I think this would be a cool picture.
full tank shot

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