11 January 2017


Here's a plant I rarely post about. A year ago I thought it was going to die from rot. Glad to see it recovered and grew a new leaf.
Look at it now! The new shoot is almost as tall as the original. It seems stripier too, and doesn't have the yellow margin. Do I have two kinds of sansevieria in one pot? or will it gain the yellow edge when the leaf matures.


J. Garcia said...

This is an old post, I know, but very often Sansevieria "reverts" and will grow leaves without variegation. This is a survival strategy on the plant's part--the yellow areas are less able to produce food so the plant tries to grow leaves without yellow. I have one which did the same thing and now it's solid green! :)

Jeane said...

That's very interesting. Thanks for the comment! That newer leaf has grown tall as the others, and is starting to get the yellow margin now.