19 January 2017

new subwassertang project

The other day I saw a video about making moss trees (something I've never really wanted to do in my tank but they do look cool). The way the guy bulked up the 'tree' top with foam before gluing on moss to get an instant visual effect gave me this idea.

There's a spot where the log in my tenner has a little elbow ledge that sticks out at the base. I wanted to grow some subwassertang there, but don't have a stone that will fit nicely in the narrow spot. Tried before and it just fell off. Don't want to tie the subwasser on, because it would be nice to lift it out for trimming.
Instead I took a piece of sponge and cut it to fit in the area. Made slits in the sponge and wedged some pebbles in there to make it sink.
Glued subwassertang bits on top.
It's not staying in place on the ledge, though. I need to add pebbles or trim some of the sponge to refit...
I was so pleased with the result I made another one for the main tank.
Nice little bush shape. The initial enthusiastic kuhli inspection failed to dislodge any pieces of subwassertang.
I still had plenty of plant bits in the jar
And more scrap sponge material- pieces too small to use in the filter. One long rectangular shape, I rounded the corners and cut two cavities underneath. Made it into a kind of hedge with little tunnels for the kuhlis.
It doesn't look so good yet- this sponge is coarser than the other one I used, so I had to press harder to get the pieces to adhere and the glue spots show. I wasn't able to cover it up well with plant material (ran out), but now whenever I trim or siphon off bits out of the tank, can attach them to this until it is filled in.

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