23 November 2016

zygo buds

My thanksgiving cactus is living up to its name. Yesterday I noticed this!
I have not given it any special attention, in fact the whole plant is a little bit dusty...
I can see where it would be easy to break pieces off and start a new plant- the rootlets are extending.


MOM said...

I have two of these. They have been put in a back room and forgotten about, cool temp, poor light, no water. Then when I go in and find them they are full of buds. I assume they like neglect

Jeane said...

Yes- I have to be careful with my succulents and this cactus- I tend to give them too much care. Even it should have plain tapwater, not my nutrient-rich fish water. What color does yours bloom? I didn't realize you had these.

I think mine's supposed to be pink, but this is the first time it's started to flower.