28 November 2016

plant report

I'm pleasantly surprised with some of my newer aquarium plant acquisitions.
Pretty little marsilea hirsuta has kept its lobed leaf shape. I was really expecting that the new growth would have single-lobed leaves, but they don't. Look like tiny green hands reaching up. New white roots below. Recovering faster in my tenner (those shown here) but the ones in a big tank are showing some new growth, too.
Aponogeton capuronii is growing fast! Already each side of the bulb has six to eight new leaves- the biggest is here curving across the top of the picture, it is already a third the height of the tank. I thought the new roots would grow from the base of the bulb; they grew from the base of the crown. So I guess if I'd wanted to reduce the plant's height by a half inch or so, I should have left it lying sideways!

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