20 November 2016

in the tenner

I didn't put many of the new plants in my smaller betta tank. Most would just get too big.
A few small bunches of the marsilea hirsuta
and a handful of crypt parva. I also tucked some flame moss into crevices on the log (quite a bit of it came loose again already) and dropped in one stone with moss tied on it.
Here's the new look- pretty untidy along the bottom now, but at least the plants are staying in place (unlike my thirty-eight, where the kuhlis and barbs are uprooting the clover). A few other bits of plants got introduced yesterday. While cleaning my main tank, some things got caught up by the siphon-
a fragment of subwassertang which I dropped into the jar (it just has tiny bits in it now as I sold this handful) a piece of buce rhizome with a tiny leaf on it, far too small to try and tie onto something, and a small mush of rhizome with a bit of green which I think is a piece of the bolbitis fern. I dropped the buce and bolbitis bits into the tenner- in the big tank they would probably get sucked up by the filter and lost. Here if they grow I will eventually notice them again- and then likely move the bolbitis back....

Speaking of filters, I have come to the conclusion that it isn't rotting wood causing all this mulm in my tenner. At least, not entirely. The new wood isn't getting soft, but there is just as much mulm to siphon out every week. Either I have too many snails in here pooping, or the sponge filter just doesn't pick up stuff well, even with the increased flow. I am trying to be more diligent about gently stirring things up off the substrate level when I siphon out the tank, to keep it cleaner.

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