18 November 2016

I like fall-

but it is sad to see the garden, small and unkept as it was this year, go to bed for the season.
Last pot of nasturtiums died this week. I have cut down the last of the coleus and celosia, cut back the leggy aster, started the long fall task of shredding leaves and mulching the beds and shrubs. A few things are still green-
this gerbera daisy flowered one last time- but I didn't get out there to get a pic of the pink flower. I will have to plant more of those in the front, take advantage of their second round of blooms.
The fine greenery of Argyranthemum lasts longer than anything it seems, but it is so delicate hard to appreciate unless you are up close. Maybe if I plant more of these en masse next year...
Asiatic lilies kept their pretty foliage for quite a long time, too.

Of course, I still have some sad-looking mums in the front (must deadhead them soon), nandina on the side of the house now, the rhodies and summersweet in the back and the hellebores green in the yard. Sweet pea is a bright green tangle in its corner still, too.

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