11 August 2016


My fish are in the dark again. Today is the follow-up dose of levamisol.

I have cut back on KN03 dosing again this week. Gave a smidgen and a half, and at first I thought I'd adjusted the wrong way again- first few days after wc I kept thinking the plants looked yellow, brownish. Now I guess (or hope) that might have been layer of algae dying? because yesterday in full light hey the crypt wendtii was nice and green. So gotta keep that dose low.

It's really hot again. That coolness ended abruptly. The plants outside suffer except for celosia and echeveria. Most of them hold up okay if I get out and water before 9am. Something is eating holes all over my salvia. I suspect slugs... Haven't given much attention to thwarting them this year.

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