25 July 2016

water plants

Another set of photos from that big water change day. I took a lot of close-ups of different aquarium plants.
Java fern windelov in front of the dwarf amazon sword (or melon sword, still not sure which it is).
Little green crypts of unknown variety, with subwassertang in the foreground.
I'm still sad that I had to throw out the buce 'dark godzilla' but 'midnight blue' still in that corner is looking okay.
Watersprite stuck against the glass when the water level was down.
And seen from above, floating- tomato nerite snail (two years old now) and a female cherry barb under the foliage.
Alternanthera reineckii (or is it a ludwigia?) with rotala indica stems. Nope. I think I've finally identified this plant. Saw a picture on the forum which looked just the same. It's a hygro- hygrophila polysperma or hygrophila corymbosa or anther variant.

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Jeane said...

Or survivors of cuttings of the hygro compacta I put in there and forgot about because I thought it had died. That would make more sense.