30 July 2016

pizza toppings

From the garden- a pile of cherry tomatoes.
Fresh-picked oregano and two kinds of basil.

I used the heat of the sun outside to raise the dough again too. It was good. My five-year-old knows the different between home-grown and store-bought now. I had chosen the largest, best-smelling organic heirloom beefsteak tomato at the store for some hamburgers the other day. At the same time picked a few fresh cherry tomatoes from outside for a salad. Gave my daughter a cherry tomato and she said "wow! this is so yum! it tastes like pizza!" (haha) Then I gave her a slice of the fat beefsteak, which I thought was quite nice for a store-bought tomato. She frowned and wanted to spit it out: "this tastes like... nothing, mommy. It tastes like nothing!" Now she knows.

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