15 July 2016

ends of the tenner

A few pics from Oliver's tank. The ends of the tenner look different since I moved a few things around several weeks ago. Wisteria is still not doing anything- it really didn't like getting moved. Smaller piece of it has come loose twice. I only have one holding into the substrate now.
The picture is better with a fish in it.
I don't really care for the appearance of this short end, anymore- something the anubias placement looks awkward to me. So I don't mind shielding it with a sheet of plastic again, to see if I can coax rotalas to hold themselves more upright.
I think the buce 'isabelle' looks particularly nice in front of the darker anubia leaf.
Younger leaves on the anubia I cut in half are really visible now.
I miss seeing otos on the skull when I aim for photos of the java fern.
I cut a bit of windelov rhizome that was crawling off the stone, and re-tied it on at a different spot. Accidentally broke off a leaf. Bummer.
Decided to pull out the lead strip that was holding a buce cutting down. Read some articles about how toxic lead can be for fish- in spite of all the suppliers' claims that it is harmless. Better not risk it. Instead I tried to weigh it down with a small stone on top, that didn't work. Had to tie it to the stone (the one on the right).
They sure are slow growers. This bunch of 'blue belle' I last photographed a month ago- and it doesn't appear much different.
Every time I siphon in the tank, it gathers up bits of subwassertang that have come loose. Some have clung to individual bits of substrate! Today I tied a few pieces onto a small stone, to put in the 38. I'm thinking I'd rather have small bushes of subwasser on rocks, that that one long cluster on a twig...

I noticed today that some of the anubias leaves (on smaller plants) were looking peaky again. Checked the dates and it had been almost a month since the last time I put in root tabs, and much longer since I'd dosed mg (epsom salts). Did both today.

Also bacopa is not doing too well in here. It drops lower leaves at a much faster rate than the ludwigias, and holds itself kind of droopy overall. Looks much better in the other tank- but I don't want to remove it all just yet. I don't have enough ludwigia cuttings to take its place... As it is, I cut back a few stems of each and replanted, since they were almost touching the ceiling again.

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