01 July 2016


This structure served its purpose well.
It has been empty for over a month, now. I stashed the shelves in the basement and then stripped off the plastic so we could move it downstairs. That is a difficult task. I did not think of where it was going to go when I built it. It does not fit up the stairs- just a bit too wide and gets wedged. We have to lift it over the railing and slide it down, and it's heavy. Which is good in heavy winds during spring storms. Not good the two times a year I want to move it.

I wanted to remove all the plastic because it needs replacement for next spring, and my job was not tight enough the first time around. Some moisture got in- mold on some of the wood parts, and green algae on some of the plastic. Especially on the door. Which got bent on the way back down the stairs. So I will probably have to rebuild the door for next time. And paint the shelf supports. And I want to redo the roof too. It needs some work; for now it is resting in the basement.

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