02 June 2016


Plants I've got and I don't know what they are. This one I bought from the nursery! Its pot wasn't labeled but sat with a bunch of geraniums on a tray so I asked and was told it had a dormant geranium. I don't think it's a geranium? Something else.
The foliage is very toothy.
And the flower isn't right, either. It's pretty. But I think it needs a different spot- it is spreading out and flopping over into the road. Anyone tell me what it is?
There are these plants growing up near my white daisy clusters that I thought might be from seeds off that plant. I still kind of think so- either that or they are tricky weeds, sneaking into the garden by looking just enough like a familiar plant. This is the daisy.
I've pulled up most of the look-alike strangers but left two that are near blooming, curious to see what opens. To one side is a similar plant but the leaf tips are pointier, and the serrated edges come to sharper points, too. It's also very tall.
On the other side is a short plant with rounder leaves compared to the daisy. I rather like how this one looks on its own but am afraid I'm harboring a weed.
Here you can see them both, on either side of the daisy clump. The tall plant on the left, its terminal leaves are just at the upper left corner of the picture. To the right is the shorter one.
The plants I dug up and moved to grow next to the garden are getting leggier. They don't look like lamb's ears anymore. No idea what it is.
I've also found this plant growing among some hostas under the trees. It kind of looks like a cosmos to me. Self-seeded? Or just another weed?
Here's another little plant I left alone while weeding because curious what it is. Heart-shaped leaves. It made me think of a hosta, but the leaf veins go the wrong way. Maybe another opportunistic tree seedling? There's three of them in here.
And in pots I'm still growing a few unknowns dug out of the yard. This one with foliage like a rose hasn't changed much in size, just got taller. It appears to prefer shade.
I have three pots of this thing. I still think it looks kind of interesting. Noticed that only the center of the plant remains blue-green. The outer foliage turns more normal yellowish-green. Hm. If anyone can identify these for me, please leave a comment!

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