25 June 2016

succulents and such

My echeverias are all sending up flower stalks. Indoors and out, these seem to be responding to daylength.
I thought the ones outside were not going to do so well, their leaves are a lot darker, but they seem just as healthy- some have new pups at the base.
I don't recall these buds actually opening up into a bloom, before- but they are definitely taking on a rosy hue.
The little kalanchoe that I got from a tiny cutting is already forming baby plantlets on its leaf edges.
They look like tiny cups.
Succulents planted around the tree stump in front yard are really looking good.
Next to this one a celosia has come up- from the direct-seeded bunch.
Purslane is making a rosette shape of stems, on the other side of the stump.
The flowers are open in the early morning, they close up later in the day. Very bright!

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