28 June 2016

a few things

from the back bed.
That funny plant arum that all died back, leaving no foliage? The shoots of berries are still there, two of them, and now they're turning orange on the top. I wonder if it will grow new plants next spring, from where the berries drop.
I'm glad to see that most of my echinacea are still there- I've given them very little attention. Lost one early on, when a squirrel dug around right after I planted them out. There's seven now. Hopeful next year they'll be big enough to notice, and maybe some flowers the year after.
I don't usually make a note when hosta blooms. But this year got a close look while weeding, at the pale flowers on one of our biggest, yellow-green hosta. They have delicate lavendar streaks. If more of them flower, I might cut a small bouquet to bring in the house...

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