23 April 2016

the tenner

This one, at least, still remains clean. Even when I bring plant bits over from the other tank (sprouts of bucephalandra, loose pieces of subwassertang, trimmed rotala stems) I don't get algae here. I took a photo after most of the duckweed was lifted out for maintenance, and it looks cleaner this way. Not such a strong green cast on everything. I took the photo in ambient light- sometimes things stand out better that way.
Still removing lots of duckweed each week- about half, and it comes back quickly. This is the mass I took out friday-
seen from the side, how piled up it is.
I'm still really pleased with how the buces are growing- 'selena' still seems to be ahead of all the others. Or maybe its growth is just more noticeable, because it has bigger leaf size to start with.
Funny thing happened with my smaller windelov fern bunch (not a good picture of it). I started taking the old rubber bands off- one half of the rhizomes were obviously clinging on their own. But when I lifted the other rubber band, the other part of the plant came up with it. Somehow the rhizome had run over the rubber band and along the rubber band, was clinging to that instead of the rock! I'll have to wait for it to grow out enough to grab the rock surface on either side of the rubber band, so I can cut the ends off. Or fasten it down with a new one...
Most of all I'm glad here to see the fissidens taking off. It's a reputedly a slow grower, but I've been able to see the difference week by week, and that's satisfying. Here's some on the top edge of an elbow of driftwood-
seen from either side.

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