23 April 2016

more seeds and seedlings

My older daughter wants to make a green bean tipi. She dragged home some enormous fallen branches from the woods (twice her own height) and using twine, built a tipi structure in our backyard.
So we are sprouting beans. The brown ones soaking are the pole beans for the tipi, the white ones are two types of bush beans- trying again, even though my most recent memories of growing beans are failure. The pole beans last year were ruined by japanese beetles, and if I remember rightly, the bush beans from the two seed packets I have left never germinated for me? Regardless, I planted ten of each just to see. If they don't grow again this time around, will just toss those packets. I have folded yet more paper pots and scrounged up the very last of the saved yogurt and cottage cheese and takaway soup cartons for pots for them.
I also planted more seeds (can't say this is the very last time I start seed this spring!) Am saving up reusable plastic fruit and food containers with lids- because I'm tired of putting saran wrap plastic over them with rubber bands for the humidity. Remembering to poke holes for drainage.
So I planted more sage and echinacea, just for the heck of it. If I get more, I'm glad. If I don't, well a few will be enough. Should have done more tithonia too- why do I always seem to end up with only three tithonia? I also started some flowers that I've had packets for years and never tried growing- forget-me-nots, something funky-looking called celosia, and a violets mix.
I have five more pepper seedlings now- poblanos and bells.
Three more cherry tomatoes-
And final count of three basil seedlings, widely disparate in size.

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