30 March 2016

two just for me

I don't really think of the yard plants as mine, because they will stay here long after we move on someday. But I got two plants from the greenhouse place just for me. Ferns. This gorgeous unreal-looking tropical bird's nest fern. I'd never seen anything like it (except in pictures). It is now my current favorite (especially because the boston fern is still shabby).
Reading up on care for the bird's nest fern made me recognize that my boston fern probably got yellowed leaves when on the porch end of last summer from too much light- when the sun direction changes as fall approaches its spot got hit with more sun at the end of the day. And its more recent ailment of browning, failing foliage a few months ago was from too much fertilizer- I distinctly recall that week my aquarium water had too much nitrates in it and I bet that's what hurt the fern.
I also got a little foxtail asparagus fern- another kind I've always wanted to try. While the bird's nest fern will spend summers outside, the asparagus fern is a houseplant. It needs a potting up soon.

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