25 March 2016

seedling progress!

I don't have a lot of them, but it does make me happy to see them growing! The biggest right now are marigolds- need to plant these out soon.
I have five basil. Only one side of the tray germinated, and now I wish I'd marked which side was what. I sowed half this tray with bought seed and half with saved seed, both several years old in the fridge. The one that's no longer viable I should toss...
one single sage plant-
a bunch of funny crawling-for-the-sky green oinons
some summer savory and oregano (too small to photograph) came up in this tray, but no dill yet
more broccoli than I ever remember being successful with, in a milk jug planter
 and nice big borage seedlings in another jug.
My last (hopefully) sowing: I planted a half-dozen more tithonia into some paper pots.

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