31 March 2016

in the front

There are more new plants; these I put out in the front yard.
Around the mailbox I put a little Geranium (the greenhouse person told me it would have pink or purple flowers but couldn't give me a variety name- I picked it up off an outside table it wasn't actually marked for sale yet).
And this 'sugar plum' Dianthus. Another with blue-green leaves.
While at the greenhouse I found a lot of different echeverias. I didn't realize there were so many kinds. I'm starting to become interested in all the variety of succulents- some have the most curious leaf shapes. But I resist buying them because I know I don't have sunny enough windows to keep them thru the winter, and not all are cold hardy. I did find two that looked very like my own wedding-day echeveria, both which are noted to be cold hardy. So I took my least-favorite pot of these and planted them out in the mailbox space as well. Just to see how they do. The other echeveria pots are now staying outside day and night, and they're doing fine with it. (I'm still shuffling in-and-out the pepper plant, geranium tree, mint and crassula.
Near my porch I planted a peony. I did not get this for the flowers- in fact I find it unattractive when peonies bloom because they always fall over and I don't like to be troubled staking up flower stalks. I like peony for its foliage. I think I will just use them as cutting flowers- the kids can enjoy them in the house for a short time, and I will enjoy the plant bareheaded outside.
This purchase was a spontaneous one- Rhubarb! Greenhouse employee told me this variety does better in our soil and climate than the one I had before- which struggled with summer heat. I have put it near the house where I hope it gets enough sun but is easy to remember regular watering if it needs that.
And last of all (except for the annuals): daylilies. These are 'jersey earlybird cardinal'. I was surprised when I dug into the spot against driveway and house wall, to plant them. It wasn't heavy reddish clay like around most of the yard, but loose dark rich-looking soil. Someone must have ammended the soil for a particular plant here before. I wonder what it was.

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