10 January 2016


I finished my plant house! Stapled on two layers of clear plastic and hinged the door. It's not very thick or strong plastic so I put two layers and think the airspace between them will add a bit of insulation? If it tears or can't withstand the weather I have other plastic to use which is a bit heavier but also more opaque. However it wouldn't block any more light than my makeshift milk jug containers did, and those let in plenty enough light for the plants.
I had to add an extra pivoting latch top and bottom to hold the door shut well, as it's a bit warped. And extra strip of plastic overlapping the bottom and side edges of the door, to block draft. Now I have to figure out how to get it up to my back deck!
If I'd been smarter I would have carried it upstairs before I stapled all the plastic walls on.

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