22 June 2014

water garden

Taking stock of how all the aquarium plants are doing, now. Rotala is doing great- at least two of the groupings, grown quite tall and pretty how the stems wind around each other reaching to the surface. One trio of cuttings I had planted in front corner not growing much at all; I moved that to a spot that should get better light.

The Anubias actually look good too, even though covered with small bright green algae spots. Each one is sprouting a new leaf.

The Aponogeton all have new shoots emerging, but the browning older foliage takes attention away from the few nice, maturing leaves so I cut out all the old stuff. Moved one of them as well; its longer leaves were getting pulled into the filter. Glad to see that it had nice, extensive white roots growing!
I also cut out some Java Fern leaves. With all the little bumps on them. I'm sure now that this is not baby plant sprouts but something harmful- the leaf with the most bumps was curling in on itself in a sickly-looking way. And they're spreading- a few of the other Java Fern have bumps on their leaves as well. Still don't know what it is...

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