13 June 2013

new plants

A while back I acquired a handful of new plants from a friend who knew someone that moved and abandoned them; I simply didn't have time to post on it yet. My favorite is this pretty pink-and-green plant. I'm fairly sure it's a variety of Rex Begonia [it's a Coleus]
something about the growth habit and shape of the stem is very like my little Sweedish Begonia (which is still growing!)
I also now have this one; I think it's a Ponytail Palm. Some of the foliage got damaged in transit in the car, but I'm wondering if I can trim it and get new growth.
Lastly, I got an overgrown pot of Pothos. I upended it all and regrouped the plants; the traditional solid-colored leaves went into an SIP I gave to my friend; this one with speckled leaves (which I don't find quite as attractive) I've kept for a while.

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