26 March 2013

sad plant II

I am still trying to save my Curry Plant. Half of it has died. This is what's left.
I read up more on the plant- it did great when just stuck into my old garden and ignored, suffering since I brought it inside for the winter. Maybe I cut it back too soon? or am watering wrong? It needs to stay rather dry, fast-draining soil and will die (so say sources online) if the roots stay wet. So thinking that might be the main probem I have repotted it into a new mix. Sure enough, when I tipped it out the lower part of the soil was denser and damp, even though the top feels dry down to my first knuckle.

First I put a layer of broken packing peanuts into the bottom of the pot.
Then a mix of peanuts and potting soil.
I don't like the peanuts floating back up to the surface so mixed the last upper level of soil with crushed eggshells.
Only time will tell if this makes it happier. The one remaining pathetic cutting also got a new soil mix. The only reason I think this might still have life in it is because the curry/maple syrup scent is still strong, and the leaves aren't entirely brittle.

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