02 January 2013

herb seedlings

My little seedlings are not happy. It is too cold, and there is not enough light. This is why I don't usually start seed in the middle of winter! However, I've recently acquired another plastic box-shaped wrapper with a zipper, that heavy stuff that used to hold a comforter. On sunny, warmer days I put the seedling tray in there outside, so they can get more light. I'm planning to build a cold frame soon... Meanwhile the Dill seedlings are flopping all over the place:
Today I pricked out the Summer Savory seedlings and put them in individual little pots. They were not pleased with the move (yet)
A few went into regular plastic pots, back into the plastic "mini-greenhouse" outside.
Four more went into small SIPs made out of recycled plastic water bottles, one of a ketchup bottle. Those are now sitting in a sunny windowsill where I can keep a closer eye on them.

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Lily Dessa said...

Very interesting and informative blog. Would like to learn more. Am on FB. I too love to grow herbs and other plants though in a small way.