16 January 2013

green hearts

I showed my daughter, who has a little Crassula in her care, how to pinch out the top so it will grow branches. She came to me shortly after yelling "why does my plant have leaves shaped like hearts?"
And I looked. They do. A few of my plants do, too. Only on the uppermost leaves, the center of the margin has an indented notch.
I've never seen this before. Does anyone know what causes it? Searches online have been futile- I can't even find any other pics of this.


mub said...

Did you ever figure out why your plant was doing this? Mine has just started it and I am flummoxed.

Jeane said...

Nope. But I have several other plants which occasionally get a divided leaf tip also- my schefflera and birds-nest fern. I don't know why. Seems to be a condition of the environment or fertilizers I use causing the mutation in the leaf, since several plants in my house do this. I'd like to know!