06 January 2013


Some things I've recently done from the garden, to the kitchen. I was inspired by Alys Fowler to make Rosemary tea!
I never considered this before as rosemary seems like too strong an herb for tea, but it was actually very refreshing and I liked it so much I skipped my morning coffee and made another mug of tea instead.
The little recipe I found in her book suggested two tablespoons of fresh rosemary, or one tablespoon dried, with lemon juice and honey to sweeten it. Steeped for five minutes. I tried it both ways (but forgot to use the lemon juice). It's a bit too strong; I find I prefer it with just one tablespoon of fresh leaves and next time will probably go with a half tablespoon or even just two teaspoons, of dry. Rosemary and honey is good for sore throats, and my cold symptoms did feel better drinking this.

I cut another round of Swiss Chard (the pots are all bare stumps again!) and made a little lasagna dish, still my favorite way of eating chard.
And I'm now down to one pot of Basil. The sweet basil died on me, but the Thai is still living, even though it looks peaky and has lost all its purple hue. It still has some flavor, though.
I put it all over the top of a pizza. The flavor isn't as pungent as in summer, but still pretty good.

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