25 December 2012

winter light

Some plants enjoying the winter sunshine together.
From left to right they are: Poinsettia, Mimosa (it just got slightly bumped so the leaves are partly folded), a pot of Crassula, and my best vibrant Croton.
Sometimes on particularly sunny days I shift these around several times a day.
They start out on the right side of my sliding glass door, then move to the left to follow the sunshine, then into the kitchen were there's a spot on the floor that gets more late-afternoon sun.


Chris Howard said...

I don't know what I'm doing wrong with my poinsettias but they are not doing well, lol. They are losing leaves like crazy…just falling off. I don't know if I'm over watering, not watering enough, too much light, not enough light…Poor plants lol

Jeane said...

Maybe you're doing nothing wrong. After flowering I think their yearly cycle is over; mine dropped all its leaves at that time last year. You should cut it back, let it go dry until it starts to regrow, then water again.