14 December 2012

plant spa

I am in the habit now of once or twice a month doing a "plant spa". It's a regular thing for the Ferns to join me in the bathroom whenever I take a shower; the bigger Boston Fern hangs out on the toilet
and the little Rabbit's-Foot fern sits inside on a corner.
But plant spa is when I take the trouble to bring more plants in for the benefit of humidity. This past weekend when I had no kids about (they find it very inconvenient for plants to be occupying the bathroom for an hour or so) and took a nice long steamy bath, I brought the Poinsettia, mini Schefflera, Mimosa, Arrowhead plant
the Sansevieria and even the big Norfolk Island Pine into the bathroom with me.
Plant spa always includes the ferns and usually the Norfolk Pine because of all my plants they need humidity most. They join me several times a week for regular showers. I swap around what other plants participate in the spa days. Others who also like humidity include: the Pothos, Basil plants, Crotons, Stevia, Spider plants, Palm, Hibiscus, the Avocado and the Dieffenbachia. The dragon-tree Dracanea would like it too but it's too big and heavy I've never brought that one in. I do mist it occasionally, though. Only once did I bring all the humidity-loving plants into the bathroom; it was quite a bit of work to shuffling them all back and forth, and a very full room! Pleasant to relax in the bath amid all the greenery; I had plants on every side.

After the bath or shower is done most of the plants move back out of the bathroom and I leave the door open to air the room out. I usually stick the ferns and norfolk pine into the tub with the shower curtain closed for a little longer so they can soak up even more humidity.

Yeah, I spoil my plants!


Chris Howard said...

I love this idea SO much!!!! And I bet it makes your long bath 100% better to be surrounded by plants during it :D You make me want to soak in the tub tonight surrounded by plants and a good books :D

Jeane said...

It's lovely. All the more so because I seldom do it!