23 December 2012

liking onions

My older daughter has a thing against onions. I like the flavor they add to many dishes, but no matter how small I chop them, if she detects their presence (visually) at once rejects the food with exclamations of disgust and comments like "you know I hate onions! why did you put them in here?" Lately, though, I convinced her to try Chives diced into eggs and other things, and she liked them. We've eaten the Chives so much that the potted plant has a short, spiky appearance now!
So then I tried her on Green Onions (diced here in quesadilla with mushrooms) and she was willing. Said she liked them just as much as Chives. Hm. Perhaps soon we will be able to eat regular onions in peace!
About a week ago I pulled up the rest of the perpetual Green Onions that were growing at the old property. The biggest ones I cut immediately for enchiladas,
 the smaller ones went straight into pots.
Then I made a discovery. The regular nurseries are closed for the winter, which always dismays me when I want to start stuff early indoors and can't find supplies. But the big-box stores (home despot and the like) continue to carry some basic stuff and better yet, it's often on sale. Nobody else is crazy enough to go growing new things in the dead of winter like me I suppose. This little planter box is normally twelve dollars, I got it for four. The low price makes it no longer feel like a splurge to buy something for my plants. I would have got more, but really I want to find or make sub-irrigated planter boxes...
Anyway, excuse the bad picture- indoor lighting not the best. The planter was originally meant to hang on a railing or sit in a window; I popped the bottom tray off for better drainage, and put a layer of sand in before adding the potting soil- mixed with some saved, dried coffee grounds. I don't have any compost or other enrichments to add to the soil, so for now it's coffee leavings and fish-waste water. Planning on someday getting a worm bin and then they'll get fed worm-castings and vermiculture-tea... until then the summer months will be augmented with liquid miracle-gro, of which I still have plenty in the cupboard. I forget to use it though.

Well, I took the smaller onions out of those purple pots and put them in here, plus all the roots of the ones I ate in enchiladas. The planter box fit sixteen onions nicely, and I'm quite pleased with it.
here's the box sitting outside, behind the two earlier Onion pots.
I lost a few onions from the original pots, due to overwatering I believe. Must remember to curtail that desire to constantly give them a drink.

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chrisa511 said...

I LOVE green onions!! They have a distinct taste that's different than regular onions so I can see why your daughter likes these :)