25 November 2012


I just got back from a weekend away for the holidays, visiting my sister. The plants of course, require little attention when I'm gone as long as those that need it are well-watered before I leave. But I did worry a bit about some that like high humidity, so following the idea of creating a humidity tray I set a few of them on an upended container inside a larger one that held water. The evaporating water gives the plant a bit of local humidity. Like this:
The Boston Fern was too big to sit over any container I had, so I simply put it on a short pedestal from an upturned cake pan, inside the kitchen sink with several inches of water.
I think it worked well. They were all alive when I returned, none had even dried out or showed signs of suffering (well, except for the venus flytrap but that one was already in decline).

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Chris said...

You come up with such great ideas!!!