14 November 2012

new plants!!

I'm afraid that the abundance of light in this apartment is going to my head. I can't help myself, when I see a good plant sale I have to pick a few up. Over the past few days I've acquired six new plants. Granted, most of them are small, but still....

The biggest, most impressive specimen is this Norfolk Island Pine. It is almost four feet tall. I've always wanted an indoor, year-round living christmas tree- kind of always disliked the fact that we pay twenty or thirty dollars for a tree that gets thrown away. And plastic trees will never please me. So I saw these at the store and just had to have one. I don't think I'll hang many ornaments on it- perhaps a few lights- as the branches seem rather tender and delicate, might break. There are actually six stems growing in this pot so when it gets a ton bigger (they dislike being repotted) I could easily divide it up and have two or three more pots full- most of the plants in the store were clumps of two or three and looked quite nice.
At the same store I picked up a Snake Plant, also called mother-in-law's-tongue. Sansevieria. They were on sale. It's now residing in the corner of my kitchen.
Then a few days later in the supermarket I found some little plants. They all look healthy, and were so inexpensive- just a few dollars each. These are all in six-inch pots, except for the smallest, which is a four-inch. There's a Parlor Palm (very young still)
An unmarked but I am pretty sure I have identified as the Arrowhead Vine
A beautiful little Rabbit's-Foot Fern
which true to its name, has quite a few fronds growing directly from the aerial rhizomes:
and a Miniature Schefflera. I read that these make good candidates for bonsai! Not that any of my previous amateur attempts to create a bonsai have ever resulted to much, but it will be in the back of my mind... This one has quite a bit of growing to do first.

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