10 November 2012

more greens

I went back to the old house a few days ago and dug up more plants to bring back to my balcony. I got five more pots of Swiss Chard, the two largest traveled home in a cloth shopping bag
and the smaller ones tucked into a box. That fourth plant in the box is the Curry Plant. I almost didn't bring it because I can't eat it, but do enjoy the scent and had another pot on hand so I stuck it in.
The Chard is still a bit wilted, but recovering somewhat from the shock of being put into pots.
The Curry Plant doesn't seem to have noticed the change; if anything it is spreading out more and looking more attractive.
I've been making an effort to eat something from my grown plants every single day. This week started out the with the end of a swiss chard lasagna, then I made spanish rice with my home-grown garlic and dried parsley in it; enchiladas with most of my fresh-cut Green Onions (the highlight of the week); eggs scrambled with Marjoram on one day, Tarragon on another, Chives on a third; more Chives added to mashed potatoes with cheddar, and Basil plus one Green Pepper diced onto a homemade pizza. Even with the smaller space and limited scope of container garden (plus fewer plants producing in the colder weather) it's not too hard to put something I've grown on the table once a day. If it's just a sprinkling of fresh or dried herbs, that at least adds a bit of flavor and satisfaction that can't be got any other way.


Chris said...

Mmm…homemade enchiladas sound amazing right now!

Jeane said...

Oooh, they were good. Want the recipe?