14 November 2012

new start

I'm a month late planting Garlic. I didn't think of it soon enough to mail order any special garlics, so just bought a few heads from the grocery store like I've done before, and split them open to get the biggest, fattest cloves.
Used up the rest of my containers, one clove in each five-gallon pot. I never grew garlic in containers before but will see how they do!
It's really thanks to my daughter that I thought to do this. I had forgotten about planting garlic until she asked me what things you can plant in the fall, that will come back in spring? Turns out she wants to do a little gardening back at the old house by herself. I'm thrilled that she wants to try and keep some of the garden going on her own initiative, and thought of what can be planting during this season. She's going to be a real green thumb, too!


Chris said...

I've never ever had luck with garlic :(

Jeane said...

Funny, I never bother much with garlic. Stick the cloves in the ground, throw some dry leaves over them, forget about them until spring.