29 November 2012


I visited the old property yesterday (to feed my cat while so-and-so is out of town. Kitty regrettably can't come with me to the apartment and still lives there) and walked across the yard to see what ever happened to the brussel sprouts I tried to grow. They were one of the few green things left in the old vegetable garden. Never budded. Frost damage now.

But I strolled around the yard and gathered seed from some of my old plants.
There were lots of hosta seed on tattered flags, I gathered dozens of stems raining thin black seeds.
The birds already got most of the Echinacea seed but I picked a few seedheads anyways.
Even plucked a handful of ripening seed pods off the crepe myrtle near the steps, although I don't know why I would ever grow a crepe myrtle...
And I broke off every single remaining Okra pod. They don't look pretty but if it snows the wet and ice might ruin them? The ones that are splitting I can hear the seeds rattle dry inside when shaken.
I'm guessing the others are close to ripe. Not planning on growing more okra, although I do think the plants are pretty. But curious to try what the roasted seeds are like, just for my own amusement.

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