12 November 2012


For some reason I've always been very fond of ferns, but never had one in the house. Until now! A very nice lady who visited my apartment and noticed how much I love plants brought me one.
It had been a bit neglected and was rather dried out. I gave it a good soaking, let it sit in the bathroom through the humidity of two kids' bath/playtime, and this morning gave it a little pruning. It doesn't look much different after the cleanup, just a bit tidier.
I did find a few little fiddleheads growing deep inside the plant, so it seems healthy enough!
I've never before kept a plant growing in fiber (except perhaps the orchid which died) so this will be a new learning experience for me. I think what it needs most is frequent watering and humidity treatments, as the water drains awful fast from that coir basket.

I'm not sure exactly, but think this is a Boston Fern.


patsy said...

It is a boston fern, they need lots of humity but can been grown. my grandmother had many and did well with them.

Jeane said...

thanks, Patsy

Chris said...

Aw that was so sweet of your neighbor and such a pretty fern!! I'm awful with ferns :( I killed the one I got, though to be fair to myself, I bought it from the "rescue shelf" from my local home depot :p So it was on it's way out already, lol. Oh and thanks for the enchilada recipe!!

Jeane said...

I'm often rescuing plants, and sometimes they turn out to be the best ones! (My rescued dieffenbachia is still languishing though, I just can't seem to do right by that plant.)