07 September 2012


Chard is doing really well now that the weather has cooled off a bit. I'm trying out new dishes with it. This is a beans-and-greens dish my mom shared with me. First you cook the dry beans- I'm used to cooking beans with pork fat (trimmings off chops, slices of bacon, what have you) and a jalapeno or serrano pepper for flavor. So this was a bit different for me cooking with pepper and thyme for the flavoring. I did throw some bacon in there like usual, though.
The other half of the dish is prepared by sauteeing onions, garlic and chard and some chopped tomato.
Then you put it all together. I rather liked it, especially with some cheese shredded on top but the kids weren't a fan so I'm still trying out new recipes as I find them!

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