28 September 2012

baby pear

I have moved this little Pear grown from a seed out of its pot
and into an SIP. We'll see how it does...


Chris said...

I have both of my fruit trees grown from seeds in SIPs and I'm actually thinking of doing the opposite! They've both done well and have hung on, but I feel like they haven't really grown much at all...I've been thinking recently of putting them in a bigger pot and seeing how they do...or maybe I should just make a bigger SIP and see if they get bigger due to having more root space? Hmmm...maybe I'll try that with a milk jug!

Jeane said...

Well, mine looks real poorly now. It just lost half its leaves, and they all look darker in color. Either it is just loosing them as winter comes on, or it is dying.

I've seen some plants get pretty big in SIPs, without needing transplanting to larger pots. Have you seen the original flickr photostream I got the idea from? there's an amazing coffee tree in that one that got huge in a square SIP.