19 December 2011

odd timing

I have noticed signs of spring. Fat buds on the trees, and robins in their branches. A neighbor's forsythia down the street trying to bloom, yellow clumps on the ends of its bare branches. And in a public spot where daffodils always bloom, I saw bunches of fat shoots coming up through the mulch. Curious, pulled aside some of the dead-leaf litter around my daylily corner and yep, mine were trying to grow too.
But the coldest part of winter is still around the corner. Did the freak october snowstorm and then this mild, warm weather convince some growing things that it was spring already? if the real cold comes, will these plants go back into their dormancy and sleep, or will they suffer. I can only wait and see.


Claudia said...

Could I please borrow one of these photos for a blog post I'm drafting? I'm happy to credit you and link back to your blog.

Jeane said...

You may. What's your post about?

Claudia said...

Thank you Jeane.
My blog post is about Hope. I've been journeying through recovering from the Christchurch Earthquake. http://adulcia.blogspot.co.nz/2012/02/hope-trust-and-believe.html