23 July 2010


Some random pics from my garden over the past few days.

Isabel has been finding the discarded wings of bugs. We think they're from cicadas.
 Found a new culprit of garden damage. Teensy weensy caterpillar. So small when I search all the nearby leaves I can't find anymore, even though I know they must be there because there's lots of holes in the Green Beans!
A poor young bird my cat got.
And I just love this pic. Our two cats sleeping in this little chair we keep in the mudroom, handy to sit in for putting shoes on/off. Irwin is so relaxed his head is hanging over the side!
I've missed one critter in my garden this season. Last year and the year before I always found a few preying mantids stalking through the plants. This year I haven't seen a single one. I wonder if when I cleaned up garden litter last fall I inadvertently composted a twig that had a mantis egg sac hidden on it? I do hope they come back next year, whatever happened to them.


chrisa511 said...

Poor little bird :( But your cats are extremely cute :D If only you could get them to eat the caterpillars instead without damaging the plants ;)

Jeane said...

That would be so nice! But I think it is Irwin who keeps breaking stems off my green bean plants.