08 April 2010

little broccolis

I should have started the Broccoli at the same time as the cauliflower, mid February. They're so small in comparison at this point. But do have their true leaves, and I think they'll grow faster in the ground.

So I set them out today.

As the pill bugs are chomping any tender leaves they can get to, I've put them under plastic cloches just to be safe.
These are slightly larger than the water-bottle covers; they used to hold juice I think. Bottoms cut off, and the lid removed so a bit of rain and air can get in. If it rains too hard, can put the caps back on. If it gets really hot, have to take the cloches off so the leaves don't get burned. These juice jugs are a lot sturdier than the water-bottle ones, I can re-use them next year if washed out, and they can accomadate larger plants, too.

On the other side of the garden, are some stumps of last year's Broccoli plants. By the time I went to remove them, ground was frozen and I couldn't get the roots out. So I left them there, intending to dig out when I turn the soil over for composting and planting something else. To my surprise, I found that instead they're growing again!

One from the roots, it looks like

and two from the stem.

I have no idea if they'll ever form heads, but I'm sure going to let them grow and see!

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