07 August 2018


Last week I went through the garden with a trash bag. I pulled up nearly all the borage, all the potato plants, all the bolting lettuce, most of the flowering arugula. They all seem to have this nasty wilt disease, and I got sick of looking at them. Trying to keep my green beans going, but they look worse every day. I'm still not sure if it is a virus spread by insects, or bacterial wilt. If it is wilt, that pathogen is harbored in the soil, and the cure is to cease growing anything susceptible to it for three years. No potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, squashes or melons, borage, lettuce, etc. etc. The list goes on and on.  (My tomatoes and cucumbers seem to be doing fine in their pots, this year).

So far the carrots, beets, chard and most of the herbs seem untouched. Maybe next year I will mostly grow flowers. I'm tired of tearing out plants.

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