05 May 2018

some stuff I moved around this spring

The little heucherella which isn't doing so great, I dug that up and moved it near the veggie garden, on a slight slope by the blue hostas.
Cleaned up the row of liriope and dug up one to shift it into the line- it was set back from the others and getting over-crowded by a nearby hellebore. Found on it and smashed another pest- one of those pretty cobalt-blue leaf hoppers.
I dug up, divided and spread into other parts of the yard my biggest salvia, which was still in the shade-garden-turned-to-nearly-full-sun. They survived the transition pretty well, considering the day after turned suddenly hot- 92° in may! I dumped extra water on them several times through the day. This one is now by the blue hostas.
Which are so gorgeous
Here's another blue one still in the back bed- which I probably need to relocate as well. Bleeding hearts to the side, astilbe behind it.
I really like this blue/green variegated one- its the only large one left in the back garden- its in the farthest shade side near the summersweet (which is just leafing out now) and where the mayapples got dug up.
Several of the divided salvias went around the tree near these few silver dusty miller that survived the winter. If they do well this summer and spread, I'll try moving a few divisions of that to another spot next year.
I also moved one of the hellebores, but that's for the next post just about them.

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