21 May 2018

here's most of the plants

 I've added this spring to my yard-

Peony 'Tom Eckhardt' it will have simple form pink flowers
Two more astilbes (or false spirea)- there's five in the row, now- these are 'visions' lilac purple and 'vision in pink'
More sedums to go in front of the lilac bush- 'autumn fire' and 'neon'
Heartleaf brunnera 'emerald mist' (two) how I love this plant
Sweet potato vine with deeply forked foliage- the look like maple leaves to me- but I lost the tag so forget its variety name.
Swamp milkweed! because my seed didn't grow. It will flower rusty pink, according to the tag photo
This is some kind of heucherella- its label very lacking- just says foliage plant and perennial and part shade but no name! how can a shop sell a pant without a name? well I did pick it up at the grocery store but still I'm very annoyed
The leaves are a dark olive green, younger ones more bright green
undersides fairly purple

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