08 April 2018

snails in waiting

Snails on their last day in QT got a switch of plants. I put the smallest stone with buces one in each square glass box,
and because the other buces on larger rocks all moved to the other tote, added a bunch of hornwort pieces to float.
Ramshorns came topside to crawl among the greenery. Nerites have not been moving much, although I can tell they are still alive. The ram snails ate everything I offered- bit of carrot, flake food, blanched spinach. Nerites don't seem to touch the food. I think they are waiting for algae.
If I hold a few ramshorns in a separate container for breeding, they will be easier keepers.

1 comment:

Jeane said...

I was right about the horned nerites. When I dropped in a fragment of algae wafer, they converged on that. My little ramshorns happily eat anything! Probably why they reach pest status haha.